Offhand Reviews was started in an attempt to coax a recent Film Studies & English graduate to begin writing again after laying around for a year doing literally nothing but watch movies, mostly rented from the public library.

In order to increase the likelihood that I would actually maintain this blog, I decided to go for a very simple and open mandate: I write a blog post for every single movie I see; I can skip a movie if I want; I don’t have to write about movies I’ve already seen, but I can if I want to; I can write as little or as much as I want; I can be as formal or as informal as I want; but they should really be written as quickly after viewing as possible, in order to preserve the “offhand” element.

If you skim through some of these reviews, you’ll see that I’m extremely lax on enforcing all of these rules, but I have documented the vast majority of films I’ve seen since January 2012. This blog is primarily a personal exercise, but I hope these reviews prove helpful and entertaining to anyone who reads them.


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