Rush Hour 1, 2, and 3 (USA, 1998; 2001; 2007)

0342c9a7b54450830e9727b98f8e3cb7_500x735Directed by: Brett Ratner. Oh my goodness, where do I start with this? I was creeping upon a tiny martial-arts movie phase, and this ended up being the climax of it. It feels like my interest in martial arts movies started with something like a general interest, but as I narrowed down my focus, I just revealed how embarrassingly narrow and mainstream my interest was. It reminds me of a funny scenario my DJ friend once told me, where someone approaches the DJ booth asking “do you have any reggae?”, which soon becomes “do you have any Bob Marley”, which soon becomes “do you have the album Legend by Bob Marley”, and ultimately “do you have Jamming by Bob Marley”. Like, I really enjoyed Kill Zone, and Once Upon a Time in Shanghai had some great stuff in it, and Legend of Drunken Master was a great Jackie romp, but once I remembered that I had never seen any Rush Hour movies, I realized that I really just wanted to watch all 3 Rush Hour movies, you know? And it’s tempting to say that I would have enjoyed them more if I’d seen them when they first came out, when I was 12 years old, but then again, I’m pretty sure I got every bit of enjoyment out of them that I ever would have got. The main thing I noticed, that I probably wouldn’t have noticed back in the day, was how extremely gender normative and womanizing and casually homophobic they made Chris Tucker’s character in this movie. But what can I say? This was a really enjoyable bunch of movies, full of huge action spectacles, dumb fun, and prototypical buddy-cop shenanigans. I guess I just really like buddy-cop movies, and this is a buddy-cop movie with Jackie Chan in it—what’s not to like? As usual, the first one was kind of the “purest”, and it’s tempting to call it the best, but I remember the 2nd one being pretty great too. By the third one, with the big bloated family plot, and the climax at the fucking Eiffel Tower, I was kind of worn out by then (not to mention that weird Roman Polanski-as-Inspector-Clouseau cameo!). But the villains in these movies were incredible, and all completely overqualified: the amazing Zhang Ziyi in part 2, and the pair of incredibly talented old evil white guys Tom Wilkinson and Max Von Sydow, demonstrating that you never trust an old white guy in one of these action movies—he’s always evil! As for the inane banter between Tucker and Chan, I could watch that shit all day. I can think of no movie franchise that needs a movie review less than these, but for what it’s worth—2 thumbs up!


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