Peaky Blinders, Series 2 (UK, 2014)

5629a1a1e43b19fb9c195d82c56fba4eCreated by: Steven Knight. So I’m pretty sure everything I said about the first season still stands, except I think they’re using some Arctic Monkeys in there now too. And all the things that irritated me about the first season, which are still there, don’t really irritate me. I’ve fully grown accustomed to this push-pull of appreciating how great it looks, all that old-timey steam and smoke and horses and bricks and cigarettes and violence, etc, etc, mixed with some pretty dumb dialogue and dumb-guy plots for dumb guys like me. I think I’ve settled it this time, and learned to really just watch it and enjoy it. I guess this is the definition of a guilty pleasure, except I don’t really feel that guilty about it. Fuck it. I love this dumb show. And Noah Taylor was great, and Tom Hardy chewed the scenery like you expect him to, and Sam Neill was great, and Cillian Murphy held it all together like you expect him to. As usual, the gender politics are fucked (why did that poor secretary have to get raped at the end for a cheap plot device, and to show the “moral ambiguity” of the tough guy protagonist? lazy plotting, bad move, dumb show). And as usual, everyone’s in a fucking Mackelmore haircut, which I see is now also the haircut of choice for the upcoming King Arthur movie, and is also the haircut of choice for the hipster-Nazi alt-right. So I’ll leave to you to decide if that’s a thing or not. Either way, this is a fun show (even though it’s dumb) but I like it anyway (even though it’s dumb). Did I mention how cool it looks?

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