Best in Show (USA, 2000)

best_in_showDirected by: Christopher Guest. For some reason, this was the only Christopher Guest movie I hadn’t seen (among the famous “mockumentary” movies—his filmography is quite a bit larger than that). Seeing how much I enjoyed his other films, and considering how much I love watching dogs hang around, this was a no-brainer. Like all of these films, the improvisational nature of it means that a lot of the humour can be less than amazing, more at the level of a light chuckle than a hearty guffaw. But the genius is that when a hearty guffaw does come, it’s all the more satisfying knowing that none of it was scripted. But as funny as everybody was—and really, everybody had their moments, especially Guest himself as the southern fisherman with his bloodhound—to me, Fred Willard stole the fucking show. That little part with the two commentators, Jim Piddock playing the educated, intelligent British guy who actually knows about dog shows, and Fred Willard as Fred Willard, to me provided the most laughs per square inch (lsi) in the movie. That stuff, combined with the short running time, was enough to win me over completely. I declare this to be…a good movie! And more…a really funny comedy movie! Hooray! I like this idea, seeking out comedies deliberately, introducing some laughter into my life. I highly recommend it to everyone. But don’t follow my lead—take a quick trip through Google, see some lists of “best comedies ever” and cherry pick yourself a list of likely laughs. It would all go much smoother if they were compelled by law to mark the “lsi” quotient on the DVD cover instead of an MPAA rating, but oh well.


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