The Return of the Pink Panther (UK, 1975)

return_of_the_pink_panther_ver2Directed by: Blake Edwards. On a whim, I decided it was time to look at some comedy—time to laugh! So I googled “best comedies of all time” or something. It gave me a ton of stuff I’ve always meant to look at, all English-language, so here I dive in. In general, I love Peter Sellers, but I really only know him from his Kubrick work and the beloved but these days, transparently racist and awful brownface routine in The Party. But, believe it or not, I had never actually seen an entire Pink Panther movie before. Normally I wouldn’t start with a sequel, but this was all the library had. And you know…it’s fine, but not great. I definitely laughed, but not that much. I don’t know, comedy is hard. The things that made people laugh in 1975 aren’t always the same for us. The racist shit with his Asian butler definitely does not carry over. But every time he knocks something over, destroys something, and/or his pants fall down, it’s fucking gold. As dumb as this is, I have a great appreciation for well-timed, tightly-wound, clockwork farce, and at its best, this film gives us farce of the highest quality. That being said, I probably won’t be going out of my way to see any more of these…unless I do? First, I have a whole pile of classic comedies to get through, so these will have to wait.


3 responses to “The Return of the Pink Panther (UK, 1975)

  1. I think this is the second best Clouseau film (“A Shot in the Dark” being the best of all). The first Pink Panther movie is also good, but it focuses less on Clouseau (it stars David Niven). You should definitely see ASitD. It’s one of the all time comedy classics.

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