Hot Tub Time Machine (USA, 2010)

hot_tub_time_machineDirected by: Steve Pink. This was another airplane movie, and I came very close to not even writing anything about it because, let’s be frank here, the less amount of time and brain power spent on this thing the better. The thing is, sometimes I like dumb movies. As in, dumb movies. I count Walk Hard and Robin Hood: Men in Tights as some of my favourite movies. I dig stupid stuff, you read me? But some stuff is just stupid. As in, stupid. And I’m afraid that this movie passes the barrier of a dumb comedy into a stupid, piece of shit, waste of time “comedy”. It’s yet another bro-fart-frat movie with a bro-fart-frat sense of humour. All of the jokes are based on stunted teenager humour—homophobia and misogyny are the basis of this “humour”—which the adults in the movie, even though they’ve travelled back in time to inhabit their teenaged selves, would have hopefully grown out of by the time they’re like 40. And while we’re on the topic of this far-fetched plot, that was kind of fucked, wasn’t it? Don’t get me wrong—travel in time all you want, it’s a dumb comedy—but they’re ogling, kissing, making out with and having sex with 17-year-old girls…even though they’re “inhabiting” their 17-year-old selves…they’re still a bunch of middle-aged men. And that’s all fine then? Great. Yawn. Cringe. Barf. Next.


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