Run All Night (USA, 2015)

run_all_night_xlgDirected by: Jaume Collet-Serra. It’s appropriate to wrap up the year with one more Liam Neeson jam, when I reflect on what a Neesonful year it’s been. My Neeson fascination had kind of run out of steam, but this one came in at the library, so I couldn’t say no. This one is in the same hands as the great psycho-thrillers Non-Stop and Unknown. I say “great” but what I actually mean is that, though those movies weren’t  great (or even very good), they were very enjoyable, each of them containing great performances from supporting characters (Julianne Moore and Bruno Ganz for starters!), and they gave me a good little bit of gristle to chew on for reading the cultural barometer via Hollywood. That being said, this movie doesn’t really do it for me. Ed Harris has a great resume, and he does a great job here, and really everyone does fine with what they have, but ultimately, I don’t really give a shit about any of the characters. This particular strain of Neeson’s broken-man-gets-one-last-chance-to-do-the-right-thing is pretty tiresome and unlikable, closer to A Walk Among the Tombstones than to, say, Taken. Really, this is a world of macho, illiterate ding-dongs, and the ability of the audience to enjoy the dumb spectacle of the film is closely tied to the audience’s ability to take on board the macho, illiterate, ding-dong worldview of the protagonists, kind of like Boondock Saints. Don’t get me wrong, I can take on board some illiterate, macho, ding-dong shit—I’m a Guy Ritchie fan, among other things—but for some reason, this particular strain of ding-dongery is difficult to filter. Ah well, they can’t all be as good as The Grey.


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