WolfCop (Canada, 2014)

wolf-cop-official-movie-posterDirected by: Lowell Dean. Wow I wish I liked this one better (which is maybe the nice way of saying that I wish this film was better). On the one hand, I got my Can-con bumped up pretty good this year (3 total, must be a record for me!), but things like this are what kind of give validation to cynical naysayers who declare things like “Canadian movies suck” or, “You can tell a movie’s Canadian cuz it looks cheap and crappy and it’s fucking lame and busted”. I mean, to be fair, I don’t really like the whole horror movie aesthetic, and I’m not really a fan of “camp” in general, so maybe I was never this movie’s target demographic, but I was drawn to it because it was a popular Canadian film (which is usually oxymoronic), and because it had a soundtrack by a band I was familiar with, Saskatoon’s Shooting Guns, one of the best bands going in the country at the moment . But within like a minute, the movie reminded me of Hobo With a Shotgun, another low-budget camp Canadian film that I tried to watch, but whose dumbness and camp-schlock value was just too much. I didn’t even get 20 minutes into that one, and it had Rutger Hauer! So it was a goddamn miracle I made it through this one—I felt obligated, what can I say? I gave the thing a good shot, but I guess I don’t “get it.” It’s a crappy movie, it’s supposed to be crappy, it’s emulating crappy movies, it’s making fun of crappy movies, but it’s still participating in that whole genre and aesthetic of crappy movies…so I guess I don’t get it. As always, it’s interesting to see Canada represented on film once in a while, even when it isn’t crowed from the rooftops (the Texas accents are a shame), but hey, it’s a film shot in Regina, so that’s cool. It’s a shame that this is what it takes to get Canadians to go to a film made by Canadians in Canada with music by Canadian bands—a fucking alcoholic werewolf cop using his souped-up wolf cop car to battle shape-shifting reptilians. Gratuitous nudity and cartoonishly graphic violence, and awfully undercooked dialogue and characterization, etc. Come to think of it, like Hobo With a Shotgun, this thing feels like it’s in the same lineage as Grindhouse, which I mostly hated as well, because I guess I was watching different crappy movies when I was growing up, and my nostalgia base is not anywhere near this. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some crappy movies, but I guess I really just don’t get it with this stuff. Fair enough. Do yourself a favour and catch a live set of Shooting Guns, though.


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