The November Man (USA, 2014)

the-november-man-2014-04Directed by: Roger Donaldson. If Liam Neeson action movies are a guilty pleasure then I’m not sure what this is. Pierce is definitely hopping on the geri-action bandwagon, but can you blame him? He was James Bond for a while, he’s legit (as much as anyone doing this kind of crap is legit), and yet somehow it doesn’t work. Really though, no matter who did this film, it would be a terrible movie because it’s a terrible script. It’s a pretty typical dumb, Bond knock-off, cliché spy movie about a retired spy who’s called back into the game for one more job, and who’s confronted with an old protégé with an ax to grind, and he has to find the one girl with the key to stopping the bad guy, etc. Every cliché in the book is mined for this script, and I guess if you’re gonna do this kind of thing, you might as well get old Pierce out of retirement. I haven’t seen the Tailor of Panama, but I’m guessing that it is the kind of thing that a former action star retiring into the life of a distinguished gentleman ought to embark upon. But, as with all things in Hollywood, you take the scripts you’re offered. What is there to say? Pierce is fine in this, but this is not a very good movie. There is literally no reason for anyone to see this. But on the other hand, he’s got another movie called Survivor with Milla Jovovich, and it’s on Netflix, so I can’t promise I won’t waste 2 hours on that.


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