Meet Me in St. Louis (USA, 1944)

Meet-Me-In-St.-Louis-PosterDirected by: Vincente Minnelli. This was the final movie in three examples of big, Classic Hollywood hits that I arbitrarily picked to watch after reading about them in passing in that Robert Ray book. And although I generally shy away from musicals, and this one in particular looked like a fairly insufferable, over-the-top, musical-type of musical (I mean it’s even got Judy Garland for god’s sake!), to the point that I almost didn’t watch it at all, I actually ended up liking it more than the other two (It Happened One Night and Philadelphia Story). This movie certainly has an overwhelmingly positive, quaint, old-tymey insufferable quality to it, amplified by the fact that it’s a 1944 movie set in 1903—old tymey quaintness through the eyes of old-tymey quaint people—with musical song and dance numbers! But I’ll be damned, I found it completely enjoyable and lovely in every way. Like Sound of Music, I found that I knew a bunch of the musical numbers and they would get stuck in my head for days after. I mean come on, look at this and tell me it doesn’t put a skip in your step! I just realized, I’m batting two for two with classic, big-time musicals. I think, after all my resistance, that I’m actually just a musical guy. God help me.


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