Louie, Season 2 (USA, 2011)

370288862_b081b4784b532e43a535d72f6faef04f5101295233c3d2caCreated by: Louis C.K. I definitely love this guy and I definitely love this show. I’ve heard that in the later seasons, he gets a bit on the fence, a bit rapey, a bit insensitive towards fat women, but I don’t know because I’m still not caught up. But just talking about this season, I can say that I’m still a fan. The first season won me over with its simple, down-to-earth yet whimsical take on this little slice of Fantasy-Manhattan, another view of New York that isn’t really there but feels so much like it is. And like all of those other slices of New York, this one serves its purpose so well: to make us laugh, but also to make us think, to make us squirm, to make us reflect on ourselves and all of our shit. I think maybe on the whole, this season didn’t have as many amazing moments as last season. The highest high on Season 1, the bully episode, doesn’t really have a counterpart here. I guess if I’m being fair, I could even point out that all of the celebrity cameos (even though I love seeing my man F. Murray Abraham get goofy) come off as a little bit tacky and desperate, the tactics of a lesser show with a lesser cultural appeal. But, then again, that Afghanistan episode with the duck was pretty good, even if it felt a little sappy and overdone by the end. Louis is definitely “the dude” of his time and place—a beacon of intelligent and articulate cynicism for the post-9/11 generation, but utterly in touch with his emotions, unapologetically sentimental to a degree that no one else but him can ever get away with. Like last season, not every moment is a hit, but this show is a great slow burn, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he handles the future seasons, for good or ill.


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