Superman II (USA/UK, 1981)

f3l51hwgepiszv07bi1ry4dcvnfDirected by: Richard Lester and Richard Donner. Do these movies have Richard Pryor yet? A few more movies? Ugh, okay, let’s get this over with. This is not a very good movie. I mean, it’s not even as good as the first movie, and that wasn’t even a very good movie. But at least it was kind of new to me when I was watching it. All of the social commentary psychoanalysis that I like to read from movies like this is basically identical from the last one—and unsurprisingly so, since the two films were shot almost simultaneously. But basically, all of the cartoony parts of the first one are still in here, and it feels like they’re almost amplified, but that may be an impression influenced more by the fact that I know that it’s Richard Lester (whose sober sense of narrative storytelling was demonstrated in the Beatles films A Hard Day’s Night and Help!). But of course, because it was shot simultaneously with the first one, the bulk of this film was directed by Richard Donner. But of course of course, the whole question of authorship is complex and fragmented and blah blah blah, especially in a fucking quagmire of a production as the one for these two films. I don’t know enough about the production story of this film to comment too much on it, partly because production stories are usually only interesting to me if the film was interesting in the first place (like Apocalypse Now, for instance). As I mentioned before, I love Terence Stamp, but even my admiration for him (in a beard no less!) can’t make me give half of a shit about his melodramatic performance here. We are firmly in Saturday Morning Cartoon territory here, and I guess I just don’t care much what happens to anyone. We know Superman will save the day, we know everything will be okay for more sequels. What else is there to do? In fact, I feel so little for this movie, I’m not going to write any more about it.

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