The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology (UK, 2012)

perverts-guide-to-ideologyDirected by: Sophie Fiennes. I don’t have a heck of a lot to say about this one, and I almost didn’t make a post for it. I liked it, but I like Zizek anyway. Once you’ve read a bit of him or seen a few of his videos, you can kind of tell where he’s going with any particular topic (sometimes down to the exact wording). That being said, repetition isn’t necessarily a sin for me. I love Ozu, I love certain genre films. It’s all about the particular expression of a particular idea. You can almost say that Zizek is his own (film/book/philosophy) genre. It’s not “What on earth could this possibly be?” but “How is he going to be in this specific instance?” If you’re not into him, I wouldn’t bother. If you are into him, this is as good a thing to see as anything. It’s got some gold moments, great awkward little Zizek moments, and it exposed me to what looks like a really awesome John Carpenter movie (They Live) that I had no idea about before. I haven’t seen the other movies in the Pervert’s Guide series, so I can’t speak to this one’s relative quality. But I can safely say that this was pretty oh-kay.


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