Beauty is Embarrassing (USA, 2012)

bisembposter_custom-09fe7203e62937232c97d63e2ad666e708af95c3-s6-c30Directed by: Neil Berkeley. I knew absolutely nothing about Wayne White prior to this movie, and I only watched it after a glowing recommendation. But I can honestly say that this guy is a really interesting guy, and this doc is a good doc to introduce this guy’s life to someone who knows nothing about him. I’m always torn with these things, though, in a chicken-or-the-egg way. Did I like this doc because it was a particularly well made film or because Wayne White is a funny, amazing guy with an extraordinary story? This was definitely a good film, and it did a good job of telling the story, although I seem to remember some confused back-and-forth chronology that didn’t seem necessarily deliberate or necessarily helpful to the film. But regardless, it was a breezy, fun way to spend a couple hours, and it made me want to do more stuff with my life, and it was in that sense kind of “inspirational”, which you can’t say about movies very often. Seriously, just check out his website.


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