The Thing With Two Heads (USA, 1972)

1912Directed by: Lee Frost. First of all, look at that movie poster. Second of all, I’m super open to having a conversation about the “ironic” consumption of art—of the legitimacy or illegitimacy of deriving genuine enjoyment out of consuming something that one knows is genuinely bad. However, this is not a film that I would go to bat for. This is a pretty straightforwardly bad movie—it’s campy, it’s poorly made, it’s lowest-common-denominator garbage from a different era, making it easier to see how awful it is. It’s also super hilarious for how outrageous it is, how ridiculous it is from the concept upwards, and it also has a genuinely fantastic 70’s funk/soul soundtrack (which is apparently one of the most sampled soundtracks of all time). As far as “ironic” consumption goes, I would say in my defense: A) I saw this in a group setting, B) this movie is way better than The Room or Troll 2, C) who cares? This movie was a lot of fun and I recommend it to anyone looking to have a good time with friends.


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