Who Bombed Birmingham? [TV movie] (UK, 1990)

51mfP2gNx6L._SS500_Directed by: Mike Beckham. What drew me to this was my armchair fascination with Irish history/the Troubles/the IRA, etc; my vague recollection of a reference to the IRA bombings of the 70’s in a really cool novel called The Rotters Club; and mostly, my huge admiration and man-crush for John Hurt, who just rules in basically everything (I’d love to make a King Ralph post one of these days). Once drawn in, though, I didn’t find this thing to be very compelling. There’s an extent to which I’m really into that mid-to-high budget Thatcherite look to British TV and film from the 80’s and 90’s, but sometimes it rubs me the wrong way, as evidenced by my review for The Long Good Friday and my skipped review for the Tom Bell miniseries Out. I’m really interested in Irish history, but maybe the fact that I haven’t read up past to the postwar period leaves me reluctant to delve too deeply into the Troubles. My small brain can’t cram that much information into a small space in a small time. It was really great seeing the odd young-cameo. Roger Allam is so thin! Ciaran Hinds is so young and long-haired! Maybe at some other time, I’d be really interested in looking at this thing as an example of the blurring between fact and fiction, setting the record straight, objective memory and subjective memory, etc. But for now, I’ll just say that this has a very nice performance from John Hurt (which it does).


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