Boardwalk Empire, Season 3 (USA, 2012)

boardwalk-emipre-season-3-posterCreated by: Terence Winter. This show was a slow burner for me, one that I wasn’t really hooked on, but that I watched anyway, out of some kind of obligation almost, to my fascination with historical period dramas and gangster shows, more than the quality of the show itself. In this season, though, this show has really lured me in, and I think I’m legitimately “hooked” to see how the rest of the show is going to play out from here to the end. It took a few seasons to really build up Nucky’s character, but even now that he’s a full “gangster” in every sense of the word, he’s still in many ways more enigmatic and less shaded-in than Tony Soprano or, arguably Don Draper. Margaret, played by the amazing Kelly MacDonald, builds up with each season, cementing her status as one of the most interesting woman protagonists in modern television. Michael Shannon as Van Alden is another one of the most inscrutable characters in television history, but this season lets him really cut loose, and even though his outburst at the end is more funny than terrifying, holy God is it ever satisfying! My fascination with the Prohibition and my perennial willingness to delve into the gritty coolness of early 20th century gangsters, from Godfather II to The Sting, will keep me glued to this show for the foreseeable future. Walking past a poster ad campaign for the upcoming Season 4 made me actually giddy with anticipation. I don’t even get that giddy over a new episode of Breaking Bad, and I think that’s objectively a better show. There’s just something about this one, though…


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