Prohibition [Miniseries] (USA, 2011)

img164-copySMDirected by: Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. Readers who saw my post for the PBS miniseries The West, also a Ken burns joint, know how much I fucking love his whole presentation, his narrative voice, his subject matter, absolutely everything. This is absolutely the best of public television (and I hesitate to make that statement only when I think about Charlie Rose) I can think of. Also, I’ve been watching Boardwalk Empire, and I saw The Sting recently, and the subject of the Prohibition has been on my mind. What a fantastically interesting facet of American culture. What an incredibly interesting time in modern history! As far as I can tell, the American Prohibition is the only example of a society’s attempt to formally abolish alcohol on such a large scale. Now, you may be remarking to yourself, “But surely, it’s wise not to confuse an interesting subject matter with an interesting film!” And you would be right. However, this is precisely why I’m so goddamn excited about this film. It is fascinating subject matter, and with this film, Ken Burns proves that he is more than up to the task to grapple with such a nuanced and multifaceted historical topic as the Prohibition,  as he was with the abstract notion of the West. This guy is a fucking phenomenon. My admiration for his documentaries is almost enough to make me forget how little I give a shit about baseball and watch Baseball. Actually, looking at just how many of these kinds of things he’s done is pretty dangerous for me, because I can totally justify watching 8 discs of something as informative and thought-provoking and unsensationalistic as a Ken Burns doc rather than, say, burning through all of X-Files or Next Generation, or something (which I’ll probably end up doing one day, too)….


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