Holy Flying Circus [TV movie] (UK, 2011)

holy-flying-circusDirected by: Owen Harris. This one caught my eye simply because I’m a Monty Python nerd, born and raised, lifelong fiend, etc etc, and I’m always on the lookout for new Python stuff. That giant, 8 disc documentary Almost the Truth—basically a Beatles Anthology for the Pythons—almost makes me hard. This little thing doesn’t quite scratch the itch compared to a mammoth documentary like that, but it’s a fun little thing, and an interesting specimen because I’ve never quite seen anything like it. It’s a playful, magical realist, interpretive documentary about a particular phase in the life of Python, focusing specifically on the controversy around Life of Brian, the now-famous televised debate (which is available on Youtube), and a surprisingly tender and effective take on the friendship between Michael Palin and John Cleese. I can’t believe how little put off I was by these actors and their cartoony caricatures of these individuals, but all of them seemed pretty spot-on, done with respect (as if any of the people involved in this weren’t complete Python nerds), and, well, funny! At its core, this is actually a pretty amusing, diverting little movie, but also a really interesting and thought provoking discussion on religion and the role it takes in modern (televisual) society. I won’t say that non-Python fans should fall over themselves to see this, but if they get stuck watching it, they’ll find it a pretty nice way to spend 90 minutes.


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