Killer Elite (USA/UK/Australia, 2011)

killer-elite-poster-artwork---jason-statham-clive-owen-robert-de-niroDirected by: Gary McKendry. That movie poster says it all, I’d say. You got Jason Statham, you got Robert DeNiro, you got Clive Owen, you got facial hair, you got sunglasses, and guns too. Ah, why not? In addition, Ben Mendelsohn shows up for a bit, and Adebisi from Oz shows up for a bit. Good fun. I could have used some notable guy—John Hurt if they could afford it—for one of the old British dudes in the secret “Feathermen” group, to bump it up a bit, but oh well. This movie is about as good as it needs to be. Not very good, but good enough. A pretty weak story, lots of explosions and gunfire, but at its core is a pretty great, gritty, macho-macho man-to-man rivalry between Jason Statham and Clive Owen, worthy of DeNiro’s own rivalry with Pacino in Heat. Now, it’s been awhile seen I’ve seen Heat, but I’m going to go ahead and say that this is no Heat. But if I’m crossing off a Jason Statham list, this is a pretty good addition. It’s a hell of a lot  better than Blitz, and it’s got Clive Owen with a mustache. Can’t go wrong. Dudesdudesdudes!


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