Breaking Bad, Season 5 Part 1 (USA, 2012)

king-heisenbergCreated by: Vince Gilligan. Apparently Rian Johnson (Looper) directed one of these. Pretty cool! Yeah, what do I say? It’s a great show and this was a great season of a great show. Knowing that the end is just around the corner makes those last 8 episodes absolutely irresistible. As if any of us aren’t going to be glued to fucking screen come August. So much unresolved shit! Is Jesse ever going to find out about all the awful shit that Walt did? Is Walt Junior ever going to enter this thing in a big way? When is Skyler going to fucking snap and pull some heavy shit? And that last scene, the little dangler when Hank is on the john, holy fuck, right? Perfect timing for that tension to finally be resolved. It’s the golden egg that this goose has been nurturing through the whole series, and if they let it hatch any sooner, they’d be idiots for killing the tension. Now that they’ve only got half a season to go, it’s too perfect. TOO PERFECT. Okay, I’ll stop because I clearly have nothing intelligent to add to this discussion.

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