Misfits, Series 3 (UK, 2011)

Misfits_-_Season_3_articleCreated by: Howard Overman. Oh, television, the torrid past we have. I try to resist you, and you continually lure me to you with a promise of intrigue and imagination. But underneath the glitter and whispers and smoke is just a long stretch of time wasted, of moments of my life ticking by slowly and resolutely to the garbage bin of eternity. The first two seasons (or series) came highly recommended to me, and I watched them back to back in a fit of lethargy two winters ago. Now, with the devilish enabler of Netflix, I was able to dig into the third series. I was skeptical that the show would survive the departure of its most entertaining character, the funny Irish guy (what’s his name—does it really matter?). They replaced him with a funny Manchester guy. Sure, what the hell. As you watch this show, you realize that nothing about it should work—it’s completely absurd from concept to execution, every step of the way. And yet somehow, they’ve built that into their structure so well and so deeply that no matter how ill-conceived the plotline, or how random and pointless the one-off stories are, or how bloody awful some of that dialogue can be, it’s still just a fun, entertaining, utterly original show (in some aspects) that can get away with pretty much anything. Ultimately what redeems any of this show’s glaring faults for me is how goddamn funny it is on a pretty consistent level. My favourite is the alternate history episode where the Nazis won the war—a premise that makes me wretch almost instantly. The pre-credit sequence shows us the old man travelling in time to kill Hitler (as if that would solve everything), and instead is stabbed by Adolf, who then uses the old man’s cell phone to reverse-engineer modern technology and single-handedly win the war and alter history for the worse. Flash forward to the present day—a totalitarian London filled with Nazi cops in riot gear arresting people, and our lovely, jaded Kelly in her orange jumpsuit, smoking a cigarette like a teenager, and sneering to herself in that thick accent: “Fooking nazis”. It’s moments like that that keep me coming back to this show despite myself.

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