Captain America: The First Avenger (USA, 2011)

captain_america_the_first_avenger_ver6Directed by: Joe Johnston. I’m not going to sit here and rave about this movie to anyone. It’s a superhero movie, I get it. But this one was actually pretty interesting and pretty fun to watch. Maybe it’s my prejudice against CGI, but I definitely enjoyed this more than the Iron Man movies. Both of these franchises have flat characterization and dialogue on the level of a Saturday morning cartoon, but this one has that built in sense of detached irony because of all that forced, cartoon patriotism that’s easier to swallow when it’s the 40’s and they’re fighting Hitler. And this movie isn’t even really set in the 40’s, it’s set in the fake 40’s. It’s a movie about campy, two-dimensional patriotism and those radio serials and movies based in that paradigm—and the movie itself is also set in that paradigm! Pretty cool, right? So it’s like a double mirror image or something. And that lets this movie get away with a lot, because frankly, this is like Indiana Jones without any remote effort at being believable or grown-up in any way at all, because it’s Captain America and it doesn’t have to. Maybe it shouldn’t work on paper, but for me, it kind of does.


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