Bridesmaids (USA, 2011)

Directed by: Paul Feig. If Zoolander represents last millisecond’s SNL comedy, then Bridesmaids is certainly very current, and not just because of the gender thing. Although, of course, it did enter into my mind as I was watching it that, if the sense of humour was kind of different and strange from what I was used to from say—a Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler movie—then it might possibly have to do with the fact that it came from women instead of men. Idiot bros with vaginas instead of penises. A modest change, perhaps, but fairly significant. How many idiot bro college fart gross-out movies have been made by women, starring women? Not that many. Of course, they got a dude to direct it, but honestly, in this genre, how much auteurship is there, really? The director’s just a traffic cop basically, am I right? (Filmmakers out there, don’t correct me.) But in all fairness, for a dumb comedy, this makes me laugh at a few places, which is pretty good, right? The romance plot, usually like fucking torture, is actually pretty easy to stomach. Instead of the brain-dead, totally unrealistic bombshells that pass for most female leads in masculine comedies, that cop (Chris O’Dowd) was actually a pretty believable, funny, normal looking dude. And how great was it to see Jon Hamm in this kind of role?? Any movie that can pull that off gets my vote anytime.


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