Radio Days (USA, 1987)

Directed by: Woody Allen. Some friends of mine recently started a “Woody Wednesday” night: a weekly screening of a different Woody Allen film at their house. I’ve skipped the ones I’ve seen (although a re-watch of Interiors compelled me to reevaluate that one, happily), but I had the pleasure of taking in this one last week, and I’m happy to report back that it was a nice little movie. Perhaps not the greatest (or funniest) thing to come from Woody, but what I really admire about him is his ability to deliver conistently good and occasionally great movies. This is one of the good ones: a disconnected, autobiographical plot about nostalgia for growing up poor in Brooklyn in the 40’s, and the glamorous uptown high society that that the radio waves transmitted. Not many belly laughs, but this movie has a pretty consistent flow of light chuckles to keep you going, and it makes for a great night in with some friends.


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