The Hour, Series 1 (UK, 2011)

Created by: Abi Morgan. It’s better than that poster image makes it seem. This came highly recommended to me because I like A) British dramas in general, B) the BBC in general, and C) Dominic West in general. Any one of these lacking, and I perhaps would like this show less. It’s not the best show I’ve ever seen. To sum it up for someone, it’s British Mad Men, but with a spy/political emphasis. Perhaps a Brit would disagree, but from my perspective, I didn’t find The Hour to be as subtly illuminating a cultural critique as any season of Mad Men, but again, we could easily chalk that up to my own familiarity or unfamiliarity with British vs American culture. This show is, however, undoubtedly well written, well acted and it looks damn good (as the 50’s ought to, post-Mad Men). The romantic triangle—at worst, a trite, cliched plot device—is in Abi Morgan’s hands, utterly fresh and interesting, perhaps due to the excellent performances by the leads: West, Wishaw and Romola Garai. All three of those above stated elements are indeed present, and I am indeed hooked to watch the second season (or “series” as they say in Britishland). Perhaps by then, I’ll be ready to take it on its own terms, and not simply weighing it against Mad Men. Mad Men.

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