Across the Universe (USA, 2007)

across_the_universeDirected by: Julie Taymor. Honestly, it’s not often that I say that a movie is fucking terrible, but come on. Have you seen this thing? Don’t. I’m trying to imagine who would get something out of this. People who love musicals, no matter how incoherent, might like this, but only if they like the songs—that is, only if they like songs by the Beatles butchered really badly. Which they might. But otherwise, I’d say this movie was targeted at people like me—people who love the Beatles and their music. In that case, I’d say that someone else should have made this movie, someone who knew something about music, someone who would take care to pick a musical director interested in hearing something better than the most generic, lifeless, conventional singers and composers pissing out their uninspired takes on songs that, I strongly suspect, they hadn’t even listened to before this movie offer came along. Music aside, I tried to judge the story itself, to see if perhaps underneath all of the awful Beatles butchery there was a great love story or social commentary on the 60’s to be had. Nope. Generic love story, generic 60’s commentary, only interesting in how carelessly the plot elements are thrown together. The cast of characters seems to have been chosen less for any contribution they make towards a plot or a theme, and more for the sake of having Beatles song titles as characters: Prudence (come out to play—get it?), Sadie (who is sexy—get it?), Dr. Robert (fucking Bono with an American accent). The sheer absurdity of this movie actually makes it sort of entertaining, but I suspect that most Beatles fans won’t have the stomach to actually make it through the whole thing, and I can’t really blame them.


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