Carnage (France/Germany/Spain/Poland, 2011)

carnage-poster-artwork-kate-winslet-jodie-foster-christoph-waltzDirected by: Roman Polanski. This was a total surprise for me. I had seen a trailer awhile ago, and it looked mildly interesting, but I saw it on the Netflix catalogue and gave it a go. This is a pretty darn enjoyable, entertaining, stimulating little movie! It starts with the unlikely cast of star players you see to the left, thrust by undesirable circumstances into a room together to amicably solve a violent dispute between their respective sons. From there, it devolves into a complete loss of civilized manners as these two sets of parents are trapped with each other’s company in an upscale Manhattan apartment. It felt to me like undertones of both Lord of Flies and No Exit, but maybe it’s just me. I haven’t seen very many “play films”—films based on a play with very few departures from the theatrical format—but Carnage makes me want to see more play films (and more plays for that matter). Polanski is smart in keeping himself out of the way as much as possible and shooting in a straightforward way so that we can enjoy that excellent script delivered by those amazing actors. This is truly a remarkable film for fans of any of these actors, and for fans of this kind of thing in general.


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