Breaking Bad, Season 4 (USA, 2011)

Created by: Vince Gilligan. Confining myself to only legal means of consumption for this show, I only just began the fourth season as Netflix put it up (and I suspect they were only allowed to do this at the very moment that AMC started airing the fifth season). As with all TV shows, I was suspicious—TV truly is the devil. There is no more slippery a slope whereby one can either invest hours of one’s life into a well thought out, structured, intriguing story that will stay with one for years afterward, or one can simply sit around wasting their fucking time. I’m glad to say that, with this show, it seems to be the former and not the latter. This show is going somewhere, I could sense it from the end of the first season. Even from the first episode, it was obvious that this show was unique, but as each season builds, Breaking Bad sets the precedent more and more for abolishing all precedent. Some dismiss this show as a mere crime story, a gangster tale, but a fair assessment would have to admit that really, this story is without a tether to any established genre. It certainly borrows elements here and there, but this character Walter White (no limit of praise for Bryan Cranston) is truly compelling in his stubborn, predictably unpredictable capacity for awfulness, lurking under a genuinely sympathetic facade. The tree that this story barked up fairly decisively at the end of this fourth season was a long time coming, and the loose strands that Season 5 will have to wrap up are almost Shakespearean in how simple and fateful, and yet compulsively intriguing, they are. I have a fairly good idea of the number of ways this show could end next year (this year), but I don’t know exactly how, and more importantly, I’m very, very keen to find out.

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