The Ghost Writer (France/Germany/UK, 2010)

936full-the-ghost-writer-posterDirected by: Roman Polanski. In short, I’d categorize this as one of those “Eh” movies. Like, after you watch it, and someone asks you what you thought of it, you’d probably say “Eh,” as in—the film didn’t leave you with much impression at all. That being said, as I think back on it now, I think there are perhaps some layers to some stuff going on that might reward some repeated viewings. You can tell that Polanski is going for Hitchcock on a lot of the elements of this film, which is my way of saying that it has some really well done, detached, sophisticated mystery elements. The classic simple-man-thrust-into-complex-circumstances story is done quite well here. Actually, as I go on, I think I’m becoming a fan of this film more and more. I’m an Ewan McGregor fan, but he’s great in this, and so is Pierce Brosnan as the PM, as is basically everyone in this movie (was that Eli Wallach for two seconds?…yes it was). I guess to a prospective viewer, I’d say that if you like mysteries, political thrillers, or good drama in general, this is pretty darn good, but not excellent. It’s like a combination of Ides of March and Match Point. There—I could have saved myself 200 words.


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