Prometheus (USA, 2012)

Directed by: Ridley Scott. I didn’t hate this movie. Sorry. I suppose I’m getting better at turning off the “Film Student” mode and turning on the “Passive Viewer Mode”, which has a lot more experience, but as I was watching this in the theater, I found it to be a completely enjoyable cinematic experience. Were there some hokey parts? Yeah, okay. I can definitely see how some people would find it disagreeable, especially when comparing it to the sleek simplicity of Alien. I’m not really a fan of the whole Erik Von Daniken, aliens-as-gods thing that seems to be a dominant storytelling trope these days, but I don’t think that its unoriginality is all Ridley Scott’s fault, or this film’s fault. He’s playing with ingredients, and those happen to be some ingredients that are on the table at this moment. But in short, I didn’t hate this movie, nor did I hate the cast. I think Noomi Rapace has deeper roles ahead of her, but she was a welcome addition to the movie. And I always love to see Sean Harris and Idris Elba. Michael Fassbender has been praised enough (by myself as much as anyone). But I agree with pretty much everyone in thinking that Prometheus will definitely be forgotten long before Alien. Whatever the future holds, Noomi is no Sigourney—not yet anyway.


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