Mad Men, Season 5 (USA, 2012)

Mad Men (Season 5)Created by: Matt Weiner. It’s almost redundant doing a “review” at this point, isn’t it? If you’re watching the show up to now, like me, then you’re hooked, like me. I feel like most of my praise was used up on the other seasons (before this little blog was born). I’m not sure if I’m as blown away as I was up until this season. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Breaking Bad, but when I thought that Don killed that woman (that dream sequence), I was devastated but really invigorated. I’d hate to say that this show needs a turn as dark and drastic as that in order to stay alive, but it seems to be creeping further and further away from social commentary/national allegory and towards high-art soap opera. And, at the risk of spoiling stuff for the newbies, there’s the you-know-what with you-know-who at the end of the season, which was pretty damn dark. I wonder if they could have developed it further. It looks like one of those things they decide to throw in at the end of the season when they realize they need a WHOA event to draw people back for the next season. At this point, I’m going to watch no matter what, but I hope Matt Weiner and co. have a plan for how they’re going to wrap this thing up.


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