The Take [Miniseries] (UK, 2009)

71X+WCe1ucL._SL1282_Directed by: David Drury. This series wasn’t exactly great. Come to think of it, it wasn’t exactly good either. I was drawn to it because I like a good old gritty British crime drama as much as the next guy, and I’m starting to get interested in Tom Hardy as a supplement to my hetero-fixation on Michael Fassbender as I run out of Fassbendy movies to watch. BUT that being said, this series isn’t really all that great. True, it has great performances by Brian Cox (of course) and Hardy, but that’s about it. The plot is not the worst, I suppose, but the prison scenes with Cox as their “godfather” remind me too much of A Prophet, which is a tremendously subtle and quiet film compared to the loud, over-the-top soap operatics of The Take. This is very similar to the worst moments of The Sopranos, the parts where you can see that they’ve gone a whole season without saying anything interesting about crime or American culture, or family values, and you’re just watching to see who fucks who, who kills who, who betrays who. That’s what I got from The Take: a violent, foul-mouthed soap opera, but delivered in a way slightly better than what you would imagine. Not garbage, by any means, but if you had to pick, I’d pick something else.


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