Paul (USA/UK, 2011)

11154277_800Directed by: Greg Mottola. To give this a short, unfair, one-sentence review, I’d say it’s exactly what it sounds like: the Shaun of the Dead guys with Seth Rogen, minus the directorial exuberance of Edgar Wright. Greg Mottola does a good job with this movie, and it’s a pretty funny script, with pretty funny performances—Kristen Wiig is great to watch in this—but if it’s missing anything, one little imperceptible spark, I’d say it could use someone like Edgar Wright. The directing was pretty standard, colour-by-numbers directing, and Wright’s flash-bang directing would have made this quirky, unique story a lot more memorable. That being said, I wasn’t nuts about Hot Fuzz, which seemed to me like all flash-bang and not enough plot and character. So I guess it’s tomato-tomato. Or, in print, I guess that’s just tomato, tomato. Either way, this is a pretty okay movie, but I’ll say it on record: I don’t think Seth Rogen is as funny as Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Just sayin.


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