The Crucifer of Blood (USA, 1991)

l_p0020568208Directed by: Fraser Clarke Heston. Having a keen interest in Sherlock Holmes mythology and its various TV and film adaptations, I couldn’t resist the words “Charlton Heston as Sherlock Holmes.” I looked on the Wikipedia page, which I’ll paraphrase below. It seems to give all of the information you would need to understand this thing. Heston does what he can with it ( a noble effort at a British accent), but the TV-level production quality, combined with the awkward, semi-theatrical staging and blocking, somehow detracts from the mystery. This all might be because I’ve read the book and seen much better adaptations—the Granada TV series lends these stories a level of cinematic majesty that is astounding when you think about the budget it must have had. Anyway, the wiki page is as follows. “The play was filmed for Turner Television Network and first broadcast on November 4, 1991. The cast featured Heston as Holmes, Richard Johnson as Watson, John Castle as St. Clair, Edward Fox as Ross, Simon Callow as Inspector Lestrade, and Susannah Harker as Irene St. Claire, and was directed by Heston’s son Fraser Clarke Heston.” Is it cynical to point out that the director perhaps got this gig from his name and not from his merit? Ah well.

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