The Long Good Friday (UK, 1980)

7308559.3Directed by: John Mackenzie. I thought that this movie would be a bit cooler than it was. Maybe that’s the no-good, MTV-raised child of the 90’s talking, used to sharp, high-contrast cinematography. I don’t think I was expecting a Guy Ritchie movie or anything, although I’m sure film historians trace that lineage back to this film. I just think that, when all is said done, this film is a bit lacklustre, and I’m not sure if it’s the plot or the look that gives me that feeling. The plot was perfectly acceptable, but not utterly memorable. Also, the film is shot largely outdoors, in the light, giving it a bit of a bright, bland look. Call me old-fashioned, but a good crime movie should be sharp and dark. Press me too hard and I’ll have to back down, but I feel that in my gut. I have to say, obviously, that Helen Mirren steals the show, even from the formidable Bob Hoskins, but neither of them are enough, with the script they’re working with, to push this film above more than just being adequate. This is certainly a good film, and a good gangster film, and a good British gangster film. But it’s not great.


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