Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask) (USA, 1972)

everything_you_always_wanted_to_know_about_sex_ver2Directed by: Woody Allen. This is probably my favourite early Woody Allen movie. It’s completely characteristic, yet totally unique in his filmography (this is the only sketch film of his that I’m aware of). Every sketch has some really funny moments. Some of them elicit only a few chuckles, like the sketch about the transvestite who has his purse stolen. Some of them are absolute genius, like the completely straight-faced game show parody “What’s My Perversion?”. Some of them are absolutely side-splitting, like Gene Wilder’s turn as a zoophiliac in love with a sheep. Every single sketch is memorable, and the image of a giant mutant boob terrorizing the countryside, only to be subdued by a giant bra, is as pure an example of comedy in cinema as anything I can think of. If one was documenting discreet phases of humour in Western civilization, one could produce that sketch of Woody Allen’s to indicate the more risque turn of the culture in the 1960’s, just as one might produce a Chaplin film to talk about the silent era. This film will survive into the next generation as a document of what the last century had in common with the current one. What is more universally understood than a giant boob?


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