X-Men Origins: Wolverine (USA, 2009)

Directed by: Gavin Hood. I definitely enjoyed the films that preceded this, and I love the character of Logan/Wolverine as a mysterious, iconic, angst-ridden hero. My favourite parts of the other films and of this film were their depiction of western Canada as a rough wild west landscape, with Logan as some kind of personal embodiment of that rugged wilderness. I also enjoyed the little moment where the disciplined American general (an absurdly overqualified Danny Huston) comes to the Canadian logging camp to urge Logan to “serve his country” and Logan tells him with a frosty glare: “I’m Canadian.” Patriotism didn’t enter into it, obviously, and the film does its best to sort of ignore Logan’s Canadianness, but I thought it was funny. That aside, I basically didn’t think this was a very good film. There was some cool stuff in there, but my pet peeve with comic book adaptations is that they too often try to cram too many characters—decades of development and nuance that results in a fan favourite character—into each 120 minute film, stripping the character of everything but a shadowy token of what made it a fan favourite in the first place. I feel that the original films avoided this with Beast and Kitty Pryde, for example, where this film totally succumbs to that with the completely unnecessary inclusions of The Blob, Deadpool and Gambit (not to mention the guy from the Black Eyed Peas!) where the core conflict between Logan and Creed is pretty substantial and interesting on its own. If I went by a star rating, I’d give this 2 stars, but I don’t do that. I’d give this 2 Shoulder Shrugs out of 5. It’s pretty cool and everything, but, you know (shrugs shoulders twice).


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