The Other Guys (USA, 2010)

the-other-guys-movie-poster-2010-1020545762Directed by: Adam McKay. I usually keep a safe and cautious distance from modern Hollywood comedies, but once in a while, I venture into the broad current of the mainstream that my elitism tells me to avoid, and I usually enjoy it. The team of Will Ferrell and writer-director Adam McKay really did it for me with Anchorman, which still cracks me up. The Other Guys may not have the lasting impact of that film, but it’s a nice way to get some chuckles at the end of the day. As with nearly every Will Ferrell film, your enjoyment is probably predicated on taking aboard the film’s particular brand of absurdist, cartoonish exaggeration, ridiculous situations, laughable characterization, and purposefully dumb dialogue. The basic setup is pretty classic, though: the hothead Mark Wahlberg teamed up with the desk jockey Will Ferrell is a natural formula for humorous conflict. This movie reminds me of Hot Fuzz, by the British equivalent of these dudes—Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and writer-director Edgar Wright—for the way that it combines completely absurd comedy with a genuine appreciation for high-stakes Hollywood action spectacles. I tend to find action sequences kind of boring after a while, but in this movie, it just adds another layer of absurd exaggeration to the whole affair—except that, without the comedic elements, this could easily pass for a serious action movie. My favourite element of this movie has to be Michael Keaton’s tough police captain who works a side job at Bed, Bath and Beyond to send his son to NYU so that he can “explore his bisexuality…and become a DJ.” That kind of line is classic Adam McKay and it’s what keeps me coming back to these movies.

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