Alien (USA, 1979)

alienDirected by: Ridley Scott. Apparently this was only Ridley Scott’s second movie. Not bad, Sir Ridley.  This was one of those examples of seminal, iconic films of modern times that I had only seen little bits of, and never in its totality. Once again, though, it’s Michael Fassbender, and the appeal of the rest of that amazing cast that’s listed for the upcoming “prequel” Prometheus, that kicked me into action. So it begins. I thought this was a really decent movie. To me, it carries the mark of an early modern movie—I mean, a movie that feels like it could have been made yesterday, but with that little tiny element that assures you that it was from yesteryear. This is a classic 1970’s-80’s horror film (that doesn’t suck), a classic action thriller (that doesn’t suck), and it also serves as a really interesting piece of sci-fi. I loved the way that the deep space exploration and the discovery of other species served as a sort of muted backdrop to the suspense and horror. It’s not the main subject matter, but that made it really interesting in its own right, as a theme itself. After all, it’s a pretty legitimate point of view to take. If we’re exploring other life forms, it’s just as likely as anything to be a horrifying nightmare. All that aside, though, the cast on this thing is absolutely incredible. This simple, seven-person cast is absolutely pitch-perfect. John Hurt, Ian Holm, Tom Skerritt and Harry Dean Stanton are some of my favourite actors ever, and Sigourney is absolutely amazing. Every minute of her on the screen in this film advances the feminist movement by about a decade—especially the minute at the end where she’s just hanging around in her panties. But that’s a topic for another day.


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