Recount (USA, 2008)

recountr1artworkpic1Directed by: Jay Roach. The cast of this film is enough to lure anyone in: Kevin Spacey, Tom Wilkinson, John Hurt, Laura Dern, Dennis Leary, and the loveable Bob Balaban are just some of the heavyweights stacking this cast. This cast, though, is about everything that keeps the film from being completely unengaging. It’s actually really interesting how uninteresting this film is. On paper, it’s a fairly thrilling true-to-life story, a peek behind the scenes of one of the most harrowing political moments in recent history—the contested Florida results of the neck-and-neck Gore/Bush race of 2000 which precipitated in 8 years of George W Bush and, arguably, a fair amount of the current state of world affairs. Even with all this, though, and even with great performances from what seems like a fairly okay script, I guess I just didn’t give a shit about these characters. For me, the politics were too obvious. The Democrats are so obviously in the right (right as in correct), following logical trains of argumentation and evidence and ethical democratic principles (Spacey passionately asserting “Every vote must be counted!”), and the Republicans—led by Tom Wilkinson’s larger-than-life, almost cartoonish performance—are so obviously in the wrong that it’s difficult for me to weigh the film as a serious think-piece on modern American politics. As a distanced outsider, it just seems like another piece of ammunition in that big political food fight going on south of the border.

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