Murphy’s Law, Series 3 (UK, 2005)

91pjOrVskrL._SL1500_Created by: Colin Bateman.  Brought to life by James Nesbitt, undercover cop Tommy Murphy returns for a third, much darker, series. The episodic, light(er) hearted tone of the previous two series have given way to a more serious tone and, crucially, an extended storyline that arcs throughout the 6 episodes. Within that single arc are some deviations, for example the subplot with the McGeechan brothers in episode 2, which was essentially a distraction from the main Callard storyline. Overall, though, this series allows the incredible Nesbitt to delve even deeper into the psychology of the perpetually dual-faced undercover cop Murphy. And the introduction of fresh police counterparts for Murphy is a welcome change, replacing the supporting cast of Detectives Guthrie and Carter, whose two-dimensional dialogue and performances seemed to keep the show at a certain level of stunted growth, preventing it from progressing into more mature territory. Certainly, this series is far from making television history. The lone cynical antihero, the only example of authenticity in a rotten world and a broken bureaucracy is, after The Wire, as good as extinct. But within its own parameters, the tone seems somehow more advanced, whether because Nesbitt’s Murphy is more hard-bitten and less jovial than before, or simply from the sinister ambiguity infused into the (underutilized) supporting role of Caz Miller by Michael Fassbender. Unlike the second series, which didn’t particularly leave me interested to see where Murphy would go next, the gap between my renting of the third and fourth series of is sure to be much shorter.


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